Current Status: September 2018

We are considerably behind on all the room- and system-specific blog posts we had intended to post by now, and so many people ask us about the tiny home that we thought we should just go ahead and post all of the most up-to-date imagery ready to share! The following represents 1 year of construction work (evenings, weekends, holidays).


Upcoming posts include: Plumbing & Electrical, Exterior Wall Finish System, Roof Finish System, Windows & Doors, Interior Wall Finish System, Floor Finish System, Kitchen, Kitchen Countertop, Bathroom, Closets, Ship’s Ladder. Stay tuned!

Kadim Alasady

I graduated with a Masters of Architecture from the University of Kansas in May 2013. During my final graduate year there, I conducted a thesis project with an emphasis on parametric tool sets, mathematics, and structural typologies. Using the Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona by Antonio Gaudi as a precedent, I explored computation methods to inform the processes in architecture and in the composition of spatial experience. My interest in these subjects continues to serve as a trajectory to guide my independent research and the development of personal projects. My journey through architectural education has given me a strong and diverse skill set which allows me to explore many fields in the digital arts and design. When I am not working architecturally, I am in a constant pursuit to experiment with my creative impulse. This experimentation ranges from modeling starships, thinking about composition, touring art and design galleries, working in the shop, etc.